My Endo Story

My journey with endometriosis officially begins in July 2012. I came around from emergency surgery being told I had endometriosis. I was nearly 26 years old.

I say 'officially' as actually my problems first began when I was 14 years old. At 21, I had my first laporoscopy where I was told no endometriosis was found. A year later, an end stage diagnosis of IBS was given. But I still knew something wasn't right.

This is my story....

Monday, 15 September 2014

My 4th Laporoscopy

So, here I am waiting for my next lot of surgery. My 3rd in 2 years, and 4th in total.

Why am I going through this again? Well, my consultant wants to do a hystosalpingogram to check if my fallopian tubes are blocked. Normally this would be done as an Outpatient. Unfortunately, I can't even tolerate a smear test being done whilst conscious. This is very common for women with endometriosis- its not just uncomfortable for us, its agony.  The idea is that he will operate, check my tubes and remove any endometriosis and scar tissue he finds. This should then, in theory with the clomid, boost my chances of falling pregnant.

How have I been managing with clomid? Actually, I hate it. I really do. I'm only taking 50mg but am boarding on developing mild OHSS. My GP thinks I must just be very sensitive to my hormones being played around with. But on the plus side, I am now ovulating. Its knowing that it is working is helping me push through the pain.

I don't want more surgery but can't deny that the pain and fatigue is getting worse each month. I have been asked why I am taking clomid and couldn't I just stop taking it? Sigh. The problem is I need the clomid to ovulate, I need to ovulate to fall pregnant, I need to fall pregnant not just because I want children but because I want the pain to stop. Pregnancy will help the pain, at least for a while anyway. Yes, we could adopt- I don't particularly mind how I become a mum, I just want the pain to stop. Even if it's only for 6 months after birth. A day even- I'd rather one day pain free than what I have at the moment, which is pain all day, all night.

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